Clinical Support Services

We have highly skilled and experienced master’s level clinicians and board certified behavior analysts to work with each person and their staff.

Guidewire, Inc. clinicians only use evidence-based treatments to increase functional skills and improve the overall quality of life.

We provide:

  • Clinical case management for people with developmental disorders
  • Assessment and treatment of communication and social skills deficits
  • Functional assessment and treatment of challenging behaviors
  • Vocational, residential, and social skills assessments and instruction
  • Adherence to all regulatory requirements and procedures
  • Research in clinical service delivery

Dedicated and Experienced Clinicians

Each person is assigned a treating clinician to conduct assessments, develop treatment plans, monitor progress, and provide continuous support.

Clinicians monitor each person’s progress with daily behavioral data collection and share data with external care providers so they are able to make well-informed treatment decisions.

Our clinical expertise includes:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Direct Skills Instruction, including social & community interaction skills
  • Functional Analysis and Assessment & treatment of challenging behaviors
  • Staff and Caregiver training & support
  • Behavioral & Psychological Assessment
  • Research and publication in providing behavioral & mental health services
  • Autism Services, including communication skills assessment, ABA, and discrete trial/direct instruction
  • Services for neurological deficits, including acquired brain injury and Alzheimer’s Disorder
  • We also offer psychiatric services through a consulting psychiatrist.