Our Services at Guidewire are highly individualized to offer each individual a distinctively unique plan of care. These services include skilled nursing, clinical case management, applied behavior analysis, and psychiatric consultation.

Clinical Support Services

We have highly skilled and experienced master’s level clinicians and board certified behavior analysts to work with each person and their staff.  Guidewire, Inc. clinicians only use evidence-based treatments to increase functional skills and improve the overall quality of life.  Learn more →

Nursing Support Services

Our caring and highly qualified nursing team of RN’s and LPN’s are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and working closely with health care providers to bring excellent care and comfort to our clients.  Preventative care is important to Guidewire and we monitor all Health Screenings, paying close attention to early detection signs and taking action on recommendations that promote good health and overall wellness.   Learn more →

Intellectual Disability Services

When living in a Guidewire residence or attending one of our day programs, Guidewire works to continually improve independence and skills for each individual using a targeted team approach. Guidewire’s “team” approach of service delivery includes providing highly skilled and experienced nursing and clinical staff care into all programs. Our programs are designed to minimize behavioral challenges from the start of services. We offer a proactive and enriched environment that results in our well-trained staff achieving individual goal attainment for our clients. Learn more →

Autistic Spectrum Disorder and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders

We work with individuals to improve communication, social skills, independence, adaptive problem solving skills, community engagement, and much more. Learn more →

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Guidewire Inc, is committed to providing accessibility and supportive services for our deaf and hard of hearing clients. Guidewire homes are equipped, dependent upon specific needs, with strobe lights, video relay systems (VRS), closed captioning on televisions, flashing doorbells and bed shakers. Additional supportive devices are provided based on individual needs and preferences. Learn more →

Forensic Services

We offer guidance and support to individuals with legal involvement and forensic involvement. Guidewire clinicians and staff are experienced in facilitating psychological evaluations and treatment in anticipation of future legal, contractual, or administrative proceedings. Learn more →

Transition to Adult Services from Child & Family Services

At Guidewire, Inc, we help young adults make the transition from child/student-focused services to community-based adult services. Learn more →

Behavioral Supports

Our residential teams are trained to help individuals overcome and reduce challenging behaviors through consistent implementation of individualized Positive Behavior Support Plans. Learn more →