Programs and Services


Behavioral & Clinical Support

Highly skilled and experienced master’s level clinicians and board certified behavior analysts to work with each person and their staff. Our clinicians only use evidence-based treatments to increase functional skills and improve the overall quality of life.

Each person is assigned a treating clinician to conduct assessments, develop treatment plans, monitor progress, and provide continuous support.

Clinicians monitor each person’s progress with daily behavioral data collection and share data with external care providers so they are able to make well-informed treatment decisions.

  • Clinical case management for people with developmental disorders
  • Assessment and treatment of communication and social skills deficits
  • Functional assessment and treatment of challenging behaviors
  • Vocational, residential, and social skills assessments and instruction
  • Adherence to all regulatory requirements and procedures
  • Research in clinical service delivery

Adult Residential

At Guidewire, we specialize in helping individuals break the cycle of residential instability. Many of the individuals we support have histories of significant behavioral problems, resulting in chaotic, unstable program placement.

With our mission-driven emphasis on positive, skill-building interventions, we offer every individual the chance at long-term success, regardless of short-term setbacks that may be encountered. Interrupting the cycle of failure and rejection is often the most important service we provide.

  • Stable and secure residential and day program environments
  • Emphasis on skill building and independence
  • Behavioral and environmental supports for overcoming challenging behaviors and developing more adaptive problem solving strategies
  • Community based, with an emphasis on helping individuals to become active members of their communities
  • Data-based program development and evaluation
  • Team approach, where identifying the needs and preferences of the individual are an integral part of the process.
  • Stable, consistent environment with emphasis on skill-building

Community Based Day Support

Our “Solutions Day Services” program and “Solutions Community Connections” programs provide individuals with an accepting and welcoming environment where their input, likes and dislikes are the foundation for the development of the programs offered. Individuals attending Solutions receive the supports and services they need to be participating members of their communities. Our services are designed to be person-centered and to coincide with their choices, preferences and goals.

The people within these programs take pride in their community volunteer projects. Together we have met and exceeded many personalized goals and we continue to expand our community networking and relationships.

  • Artistic appreciation classes
  • Community-based volunteer projects
  • Community connections
  • Community garden project
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Circles program
  • Healthy steps exercise program
  • Health and wellness classes
  • Math and reading skills development
  • Music appreciation
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Social skills development
  • Sign language classes
  • Vocational skills development

Shared Living

This Program is designed to provide a residential home placement with a trained Community Caregiver as a roommate who will ensure health and safety while providing guidance and Positive Behavioral Support. The residential home can be provided either by the agency, a family member of the individual or the Care Provider. Accommodations can be made to reflect the needs of the person supported and the living environment can be modified to welcome preferences such as food, clothing, entertainment, travel and other personal choices.

Community Caregivers will be actively engaged in planning activities in the community and arranging quality time with family, friends, guardians, and peers to develop and support lasting relationships. Transportation can be arranged based on the needs of the person supported and an individual Service Plan is designed to formally evaluate care and monitor success towards goals.


Representative Payee

Guidewire’s Representative Program follows the rules and regulations provided by the Social Security Administration. As the Organizational Representative Payee, we maintain the individuals’ Social Security benefits, use the benefits to pay for the individuals’ needs such as charge for care, cable TV, pharmacy, and properly save benefits for future needs of the individuals.

At any time, those we support may request their account balance and funds for personal spending. Miscellaneous internal and external audits are regularly completed to ensure the integrity of Guidewire’s Representative Program.


Nursing Support

Our caring and highly qualified nursing team are compassionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and working closely with health care providers to bring excellent care and comfort to the individuals we support.

Our Nursing team monitors all health screenings, paying close attention to early detection signs and acting on recommendations that promote good health and overall wellness. We provide skilled professional development to our support teams, and focus on preventative care, which is very important to Guidewire. We pride ourselves on engaging with the individuals to meet them where they are and to support them in making their own decisions about healthy lifestyle choices. Our nursing staff members truly make a difference in the everyday lives of those we support!

Guidewire’s nursing team has the knowledge and expertise to coordinate with treating physicians and design a plan of care specific to the needs of each person when physical illnesses arise. Hospital discharges are closely followed, monitored, and we provide support to the individual and care team to ensure all follow up has been completed.

We make it possible to create a unique and person-specific environment for people with complex medical diagnoses, such as diabetes, seizure disorder, Alzheimer’s, hemophilia, complex respiratory challenges, serious allergies, suprapubic catheters, and feeding tubes, to name a few. Additionally, we help facilitate initiate and coordinate care to individuals facing terminal illness, and aid to carry out their end of life wishes with their loved ones.

Our Nursing team is comprised of several MAP (Medication Administration Program) trainers. Our MAP trainers prepare all staff to become MAP certified through the Department of Public Health (DPH) as well as monitor all programs for compliance monthly, or more frequently if needed. Our trainings, follow up, and monitoring systems ensure the safe administration of medications in our residential programs. Learn more about the Massachusetts Medication Administration Program (MAP) here.


Acquired Brain Injury

Guidewire Inc. is proud to offer custom-built ADA accessible 4-bedroom homes to serve the population with acquired brain injury or traumatic brain injury. Acquired brain injury (ABI) refers to any damage to the brain that occurred after birth. Common factors and or life events that causes ABI include accidents, stroke, lack of oxygen and degenerative neurological disease. ABI-related disability can affect cognitive, physical, emotional and independent functioning. TBI is short-form for a Traumatic Brain Injury, this is an injury to the brain caused by an external force, such as a severe car accident or concussion.

Guidewire provides nursing, clinical, and behavioral support, to help the individuals re-adjust to living in a home, with promoting independence as much as possible. With our caring and trained staff members, we incorporate Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to create custom behavioral programming to help the individuals realize their goals and participate in leisure activities of their choice. Many individuals can resume friendships and hobbies, or are able to find a job, and overall, they are empowered to build what they see as a meaningful life for themselves in a less restrictive environment that feels like home.