Adult Residential Life Skills Program

We provide 24/7 staffing within our licensed homes throughout Western Massachusetts including the Berkshires. This program is flexible to meet the needs of each person that we support.  Learn more →

Young Adult Program

We provide a seamless transition from child/student-focused services to adult residential services. We can help eliminate confusion and make this an exciting time for the people in our care as well as family members, guardians, and DCF.  Learn more →

Community-Based Adult Day Program

Our “Solutions Day Services” program and “Solutions Community Connections” programs provide individuals with an accepting and welcoming environment where their input, likes and dislikes are the foundation for the development of the programs offered.  Learn more →

Shared Living Program

This Program is designed to provide a residential home placement with a trained Community Caregiver as a roommate who will ensure health and safety while providing guidance and Positive Behavioral Support.  Learn more →